Core Capability

APTES SRI LANKA provides a full range of capabilities in resolving a client’s security problems such as bomb blasts, ballistic, fire, earthquake, wind storm. Our capabilities include risk assessment/management, designs to mitigate risks during extreme events, advanced analysis methods, lab testing, and blast/impact tests in the field. Our basic core area of expertise is the understanding of structures of all types, and their response to diverse internal and external forces, including gravity and other static forces, and those of extreme events such as blast, shock, fire and high velocity impact.

This core technology in conjunction with our specialised capabilities and experience in blast/impact effects engineering allows us to provide fully integrated services state-of-the-art engineering capability in the areas of security analysis and design, risk assessment and mitigation, and advanced engineering analysis services to our clients. Our extensive expertise includes:

  • Antiterrorist, force protection, and physical security assessment building and infrastructure under blast, shock and impact
  • Security barriers for high risk facilities
  • Perimeter security and cctv
  • Blast resistant building systems, blast resistant facades
  • Containment and storage facilities for hazardous materials, and energetic environments
  • Explosive safety for critical facilities
  • Fortifications and hardened facilities
  • Progressive collapse, and post-event damage assessment
  • Structural behaviour, design, performance and safety for blast, shock and impact mitigation
  • Risk assessment and security planning
  • Advanced computer modelling and protective design